8 Reasons Why You Need Copper in Your Life

8 Reasons Why You Need Copper in Your Life

Tejal’s grandparents swore by the Ayurvedic practice of storing their drinking water in copper pots for the benefits it could bring and now the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has even registered copper as the only solid material that kills bacteria, so we thought we should take a look into what is so special about this mineral and what can it do for our wellbeing. 

We look at 8 key benefits for your skin and your body and the best way to add it into your daily routine. 

Why do I need it? Copper is a vital dietary nutrient that has numerous health, wellness and beauty benefits - from improved appearance of skin to treatment of wounds to relieving arthritis.

1. Your skin – healthy glow: It’s been used since Egyptian times, with Cleopatra adding copper into her beauty regime and some of the forefront beauty companies like NIOD have copper serums in their range, so we're thinking that there must be something in it. Copper is found in melanin, which provides your skin with pigment and sun protection and helps in the production of new cells to produce smooth and clear skin

2. Your skin - Anti-Aging: Copper is an antioxidant so can improve the condition of your skin, protecting you from damaging free radicals and helping your skin and joints produce collagen

3. Your skin and body - Antibacterial: copper can destroy the growth of microbes and bacteria, so drinking from water that has been stored in a copper pot or jug is supposed to kill harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation in your stomach or externally if used as a cream, it can prevent infection and speed the healing process of skin.

4. Your body – Anti-Inflammatory: copper can help give relief from aches and pains caused by arthritis or inflamed joints. Many people swear by the effect of wearing a copper bracelet to relieve inflammation, as the skin absorbs just enough copper to be beneficial to the body. However some recent medical studies have disputed this

5. Your body – memory aid: Copper is a brain stimulant and helps neural pathways - it supports the formation of myelin sheaths which are essential for transmitting impulses from one neuron to another in the brain

6. Your body - Good Circulation: Copper helps your body both absorb iron from food and then release it as needed. It also improves your circulation by maintaining iron levels in your blood and helps blood flow.

7. Your body - Reduces Cholesterol: Copper can reduce the bad kind of cholesterol and increase good kind and so lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

8. Your body – increases your agni. Ayurveda believes that adding copper to your body increases your agni - the digestive “fire” that you need for better digestion and reduced acidity. It is also said to have specific balancing influence on Pitta doshas. 

Sounding good so far? Here's how to include it into your daily routine

- From your Jewellery: you can find plenty of places selling copper bracelets, copper rings and copper jewellery. Be careful though when and where you buy it as you don’t want copper that has been combined with other minerals. 

- From your food: your body does not produce copper naturally, so you need to get it from external sources. Copper is found in more foods than you may realise, including avocados, beans, nuts and seeds, leafy greens and cocoa

- From your water: you can also drink water that has been stored in copper vessels overnight. Ideally it is then drunk on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. As above though, make sure you are buying it in as pure as form as possible. When you go to clean it, don’t scrub away at the inside, as this may pull the copper away – instead try rubbing it with half a lemon, then rinse with warm water.

And another thing - I genuinely can't taste anything different in the copper-infused water that I have tried, so no excuses not to give it a go!




Alexandra Turner, better known as Alix, is the co-founder of Malavara. Having spent 15 years working with European Luxury Goods brands, Alix's passion for wellness, aromatherapy and travel led her to India and Ayurveda. Alix lives in London and keeps busy with a day job, a toddler and our exciting Malavara journey.

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