MALAVARA UNCOVERED - why we use Cedarwood Essential Oil and what it can do for you

MALAVARA UNCOVERED - why we use Cedarwood Essential Oil and what it can do for you

Our signature Lime Vetiver fragrance blends 10 incredible essential oils to create notes that are rich with the heritage of India. Here we look in-depth at one of these - Cedarwood - and discuss what it can do for you, as well as a nourishing body butter recipe to help your skin in these winter weeks

  • Botanical Name  Cedrus deodara
  • Aroma                 Woody, warm and sweet
  • Aromatic Note    Base
  • Uses                    Supports nervous + respiratory system, soothes dermatitis. Antioxidant, antiseptic, antibacterial, antispasmodic

Did you know? Cedarwood oil is derived from various coniferous trees, although our ingredient is from the Cedarwood Himalayan variety, not be be confused with the Virginian varietal, which are becoming endangered. In India in particular, cedarwood is considered a holy wood, used to build temples and altars and in religious blessings and ceremonies

What it is used for? Medicinally, it has a vast number of uses across the alternative medicine spectrum, from treating inflammation and eczema, as a sedative, curing fungal infections,  and easing aching muscles. It is also naturally antibacterial and disinfectant

Will I like it? Aromatically, unsurprisingly, it has an intense woody  balsamic aroma, making it excellent as a base note ingredient. Emotionally, Cedarwood is strengthening and stabilising. This oil is ideal for use during periods of confusion and emotional upheaval to help focus the mind and ground and steady the soul

How can I use it? A Soothing Body Butter recipe: Try this recipe for a body butter from Andrea Butje, which revitalizes the skin, relaxes the muscles and calms the mind. This recipe, first makes 7oz (196g) of luxurious body butter. The ingredients required are:

  • 1oz (28g) beeswax
  • 2oz (60ml) jojoba
  • 2oz (56g) cocoa butter
  • 2oz (56g) coconut oil

Directions: Place a pyrex measuring cup in a bowl of simmering water. Add the beeswax first as it will take the longest to melt. Once melted, add the jojoba and stir gently with a glass stirring rod or spoon handle. Add the cocoa butter until it has melted into the liquid. Add the coconut oil and melt and continue to stir gently until the the whole blend has melted, then remove from the heat. Now add the following ingredients to the body butter

  • 11 drops neroli
  • 15 drops patchouli
  • 31 drops cedarwood
  • 27 drops gingergrass

Place in glass jars and allow approximately 15 minutes to cool and solidify

Treat yourself! If you like this oil then head over to Malavara and check out our Lime Vetiver range!


How can I make sure I am using Essential Oils safely?: an understanding of the use of Essential Oils is key. Most people will never experience a negative reaction to essential oils but it can happen and there is nothing we can do to guarantee 100% safety. We have highlighted some guidelines to follow to help minimize the risk in a separate blog, but if you are regularly making your own blends for yourself, your family and others it is worth investing a copy of the “Essential Oil Safety” by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young for a greater understanding across 400 oils and over 200 constituents

And another thing...Cedarwood Essential Oil Safety Information. Tisserand and Young do not comment on any special precautions to take when using Cedarwood Oil. However, always be sure you are purchasing Himalayan Cedarwood essential oil as there is a type of “cedar leaf oil” which can toxic and comes from a different species of cedar. Avoid when pregnant. Read Tisserand and Young's full profile (see key references section below) on this oil for the full lowdown

 Want to learn more? Have a look at these...

  • “The Heart of Aromatherapy” by my teacher and founder of the Aromahead Institute, Andrea Butje
  • “Essential Oil Safety” Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, 2nd edition 2014
  • “The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy” Valerie Ann Worwood

Disclaimer: before you make any recipe, check the shelf lives of your ingredients and any safety concerns for the essential oils. These blend suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition and should be used on the understanding that Malavara accepts no responsibility for any adverse reactions caused as a result of following these recipes




Alexandra Turner, better known as Alix, is the co-founder of Malavara. Having spent 15 years working with European Luxury Goods brands, Alix's passion for wellness, aromatherapy and travel led her to India and Ayurveda. Alix lives in London and keeps busy with a day job, a toddler and our exciting Malavara journey.

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