MALAVARA UNCOVERED | Orange Essential Oil

MALAVARA UNCOVERED | Orange Essential Oil

Our signature Lime Vetiver fragrance blends 10 incredible essential oils to create notes that are rich with the heritage of India. Here we look in-depth at Orange essential oil and discuss its uses and benefits!

Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis

Aroma: Citrus, sweet, bright

Aromatic Note: Top

Benefits: Supports the digestive and immune systems, clears sinus congestion, calms inflammation, balances emotions

Did you know? Used for centuries for its immune-boosting effects, orange is one of the most popular essential oils. The oil itself is produced within the rind of the fruit and is extracted using a cold pressing once the juice of the fruit has been taken out.

What is it used for? Medicinally, the essential oil is widely used to support digestion and the immune system, to relieve nausea and tummy tension and to clear congestion. Powerful and versatile, is gentle enough on the skin to be used for topical blends and inhalers and also for children.

Will I like it? Aromatically, it is a bright, sunny, sweet and comforting scent. Emotionally, it has a wonderfully uplifting and calming influence, setting both your mind and your body at ease.

How can I use it? This Tummy Body Butter recipe, from Andrea Butje of the Aromahead Institute, will soothe and help an uncomfortable tummy, especially after a big meal.

For the Body Butter (makes up 7oz (196g) you will need:

  • 1oz (28g) beeswax
  • 2oz (60ml) jojoba
  • 2oz (56g) cocoa butter
  • 2oz (56g) coconut oil

For the Essential Oils blend:

  • 35 drops orange
  • 14 drops ginger
  • 21 drops Roman chamomile
  • 14 drops spikenard

Place a pyrex measuring cup in a bowl of simmering water. Add the beeswax first as it will take the longest to melt since it’s the hardest ingredient. Once melted, add the jojoba and stir gently with a glass stirring rod or spoon handle. Add the cocoa butter until it has melted into the liquid then add the coconut oil, melt and continue to stir gently until the whole blend has melted. Remove from the heat, combine the essential oils below and stir. Pour the butter into glass jars and allow to cool naturally. 

MALAVARA UNCOVERED | Orange Essential Oil

How can I make sure I am using Essential Oils safely? An understanding of the use of Essential Oils is key. You should check out our Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils for tips and resources on the safe use of essential oils! If you are regularly making blends for yourself and others, it is worth investing in  Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young for a greater understanding across 400 oils and over 200 constituents.

Safety Information: Tisserand and Young do not indicate any special precautions when using Orange Essential Oil. However, they would avoid use of the oil if it has oxidized, as this can be sensitizing to skin. Always chose an organic oil, given the heavy use of pesticides in citrus tree farming. Read Tisserand and Young's full profile on this oil for the complete breakdown.

Before you go, make sure you check out our Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils for important guidelines on the safe use of essential oils!

Disclaimer: Before you make any recipe, check the shelf lives of your ingredients and any safety concerns for the essential oils. These blend suggestions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition and should be used on the understanding that Malavara accepts no responsibility for any adverse reactions caused as a result of following these recipes.



Alexandra Turner, better known as Alix, is the co-founder of Malavara. Having spent 15 years working with European Luxury Goods brands, Alix's passion for wellness, aromatherapy and travel led her to India and Ayurveda. Alix lives in London and keeps busy with a day job, a toddler and our exciting Malavara journey.

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