Nidhi Pandya Is On A Mission To Demystify Ayurveda For The Modern World

Nidhi Pandya Is On A Mission To Demystify Ayurveda For The Modern World

We are excited to introduce you to Nidhi Pandya, a third-generation Ayurvedic practitioner who has also studied Naturopathy and Holistic Nutrition. Raised in India and now based in the US, her mission is to demystify Ayurveda for the modern world.

We love Nidhi's Instagram feed that is full of nuggets of wisdom. For example, do you know why you shouldn't shower after you eat or why you shouldn't be heating honey? Nidhi explains it all - simply and scientifically. As importantly, her tips for diet, lifestyle, sleep are easily actionable and deliver instant wellness.

We sat down with Nidhi virtually to ask her a few questions this week.

What does Ayurveda mean to you? 

Ayurveda is a complete manual to life and living. It is a science that understands the code of the universe and the human and has perfected the principles that will allow for both to exist in harmony. Ayurveda covers every aspect of the mind and body. 

Unfortunately, Ayurveda these days has become more about prescriptions and practices rather than the principles. My mission is to take this science back to being about timeless and universal principles.

How has Ayurveda impacted your life?

Since I was indoctrinated into Ayurveda at birth, it has always been an integrated part of my life. I would say it was value system passed on to me as a legacy and I am fortunate to be able to pass it to my girls. It is just our way of life.

Contrary to what people think, we eat everything and enjoy more freedom in consumption. This is possible because we know what to eat when, how to balance it and the right combinations to eat it in. Plus stale food is never an option for us. In short, mindful consumption is the name of our game.

What are some ways we can incorporate Ayurveda into our daily lives?

If I were to suggest simple and yet powerful ways to incorporate Ayurveda into your life, I would say understand the circadian rhythm and live in accordance with it. Eat a warm breakfast when the earth is wet and sluggish in the morning, heavy lunch in the afternoon as the sun shines brightly and so does your digestive fire. Finally, wind down with a light dinner as the day becomes windy and the sun sets.  

The other thing I would say is that make sure that all your foods are warm and moist. Humans, as warm blooded creatures, function best in a warm and moist environment. Warmth can be the temperature of the food but adding good spices could help too. Similarly moist could be the basic nature of the food like avocados but adding a good fat could also do the trick.

Who has inspired you most on your journey?

My grandfather, who was an Ayurvedic healer has been my biggest source of inspiration. I saw him integrate the principles of Ayurveda in his life seamlessly, almost like a dance.  

Non-imposing but always encouraging he taught me how to live Ayurveda, love Ayurveda and teach Ayurveda by embodying it. 

What would you recommend for someone interested in learning more about Ayurveda?

I would say that you learn best through keen observation. Observing the universe and how it connects to the human body. Notice the subtle changes in your own physical and mental place. Generate a self awareness that will connect you to the truth. That is also, how Ayurvedic scriptures were originally written.

You can follow Nidhi on Instagram @my_ayurvedic_life and check out her website Authentic Ayurveda by Nidhi Pandya

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