Surf or Swim? It’s Time to Oil Up with an Ayurvedic Hair Elixir!

Surf or Swim? It’s Time to Oil Up with an Ayurvedic Hair Elixir!

Love swimming and surfing, but hate what they do to your hair?

We're going to introduce you to an all-natural, Ayurvedic hair remedy that combats chlorine, salt water and UV damage to leave hair silky, shiny and strong. 

But first, let's understand what's causing the damage...

Is your hair looking a little green?

Any swimmer out there knows how amazing it feels to get in a pool and start doing those laps. It invigorates your mind and energises your body. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for your hair. You know that brittle, frizzy feeling – not to mention that greenish tinge and the smell of bleach?

“Swimmer’s Hair” at its best is an irritating thing. At it’s worst – it does serious damage to your hair and scalp. Is there a long-term solution? Yes – there is. And it’s an all-natural, zero chemical elixir that’s rooted in Ayurveda and especially designed to revitalize your damaged hair.

Swimmer's Hair

What is "swimmer's hair"?

According to the Urban Dictionary:

Swimmer’s hair is extremely dry and damaged hair caused by exposure to chlorine and extended hours in the pool. Sometimes even green because of the chlorine.

Pool water is treated with chemicals such as chlorine and bromine that are very harsh on your hair and scalp. Over a period of time, it can leave your hair looking like dry hay.

According to Thought Co.com

“Pool chemicals, especially chlorine and bromine, react with the sebum and oils that protect your hair, leaving the hair's cuticle exposed. This allows other chemicals to react with your hair, such as copper compounds, which can give your hair a greenish tint.

And according to the New York Times

It’s not only the chemicals in pools you have to contend with.  Damage to the hair may also be due to “cuticle damage by friction with water.”


Sun Fried & Salt Dried Without a Hair Oil Treatment?

If you’re a regular surfer and or just a beach bum who loves the sun, sand and sea, chances are that between the salt water and ultraviolet radiation, your hair is getting dried out as well.

Swim or Surf? It's Time to Oil Up!

 As Laura Enever on Billabong’s International Surf Team puts it:

When I was 14 years old, I literally just had to cut off all my ends because I was just a frizzball from the sun, like I absolutely killed my hair.”  (Harper's Bazaar)

Regular exposure to ultra-violet rays without any kind of protection will damage hair over time and also cause it to discolour because UV radiation breaks down melanin (which provides the colour pigment) in your hair. For natural blondes, this is even more important, because blonde hair is a result of having a lower quantity of melanin in your body.

In this study on PubMed it is found that “Excessive sun exposition is the most frequent cause of hair shaft's structural impairment. Photochemical impairment of the hair includes degradation and loss of hair proteins as well as degradation of hair pigment.

Surfer's damaged hair

So, how does Malavara's Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir work?

While regular coconut oil is a common go-to for many surfers and swimmers, Malavara’s Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir is far more effective. Here's why:

It's power-packed:

In addition to Coconut oil, this elixir blends Moringa, Sweet Almond, and Sesame Oils and is further enhanced by healing “hair herbs”, whose benefits have been well documented by Ayurvedic practitioners for centuries.

It soaks right in to protect the hair shaft:

The elixir is a blend of Coconut, Moringa, Sweet Almond and Sesame oils and has a molecular structure that's small enough to penetrate the hair shaft and scalp. Moreover:

  • Coconut oil is a terrific sunscreen for your hair as it contains antioxidants that protect against UV rays
  • Moringa oil helps to make dry hair lustrous and luxuriant
  • Sweet Almond oil releases a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals that stimulate hair growth
  • Sesame oil is rich in vitamins and protein and similar to Coconut oil, also plays a key role in protecting your hair against damage from UV rays

It uses hair herbs that rejuvenate hair from its roots:

This special blend is enriched with Hairy Basil Root  – the miracle hair care herb, and enhanced by healing Ayurvedic herbs such as Bhringraj, Brahmi, Amla and Vetiver, which stimulate micro-circulation, thus promoting hair growth right from the root.

Three Reasons Why Hairy Basil Root is so miraculous

  1. It’s full of super-charged phyto-nutrients that have been enhanced in a Swiss Lab to optimise their active compounds.
  2. It literally “feeds your follicles” and makes them grow stronger.
  3. It repairs collagen, reinforcing the dermal structure on your scalp and strengthening each strand.

The ability of each of these herbs to heal your hair is well documented by Ayurvedic science. The fact that the herbs are further blended together in rigorous lab conditions, optimizes their strength and creates a powerful elixir for damaged hair.

Natural & Eco-Friendly Elixir Hair Oil:

Many hair-care treatments, conditioners, and remedies contain chemicals that are not only harmful for your hair in the long run, but also toxic to corals and other marine life. Malavara’s Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir is an all-natural formulation that does not contain parabens, benzophenone derivatives or propylene. Nor does it contain any fragrance, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, or artificial dyes. It's scalp, hair and marine-life friendly.

Swim or Surf? It's Time to Oil Up!

How to use hair oils for dry, brittle hair:

  1. Comb your hair (from the bottom up to reduce breakage)
  2. Squeeze a dropper full of the Malavara ultra luxuriant hair elixir onto your palms and rub them together
  3. Press your oily palms on your hair shaft and ends coating them with oil
  4. Gently comb your hair out again to distribute the oil evenly and then braid your hair, to keep the oils in, at least 30 minutes before stepping into the water (this gives the elixir time to penetrate your hair shaft)
  5. After you’re done with your swim or surf, simply rinse the oil out using no more shampoo than you would normally use

Instead of dry, sticky hair that clumps together, you’ll find that it's smooth and silky to touch.

The Malavara Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir is also chock-full of vital vitamins for your hair. It contains a healthy dose of vitamin A, B6, B12, and E which are all necessary to promote luxurious hair growth and scalp health. We would encourage you to massage a little oil into your scalp to feed your follicles and stimulate circulation.

So before you hit the pool or the beach this summer, order your own stash of Malavara’s Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir. Click on this link to buy it now and give your hair a welcome boost.

Malavara Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir

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Happy swimming and surfing this summer! 



Alexandra Turner, better known as Alix, is the co-founder of Malavara. Having spent 15 years working with European Luxury Goods brands, Alix's passion for wellness, aromatherapy and travel led her to India and Ayurveda. Alix lives in London and keeps busy with a day job, a toddler and our exciting Malavara journey.

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