Supercharged Indian Amazingness

Centuries of Indian amazingness; supercharged

Super charged Indian Amazingness

We’re done with the harsh stuff. We’ve had it with stripping our skins of their natural oils and defences, our bodies of their sensuality, and our souls of their joy. Who are we? Why are we on a mission to bring Indian amazingness to the rest of the world? Where do our ideas, products, rituals and fragrances come from? And what do we mean by ‘supercharged’ anyway?

Our story

Our story

We’re oil-obsessed, fragrance-freaks, passionate about natural Indian ingredients. But we know true beauty isn’t just about Ayurveda or Aromatherapy. It’s about embracing life in all its vivid, seductive intensity.

Two beauty junkies. One a hot-yoga obsessed Indian expat, who now realises she should have listened to her herb-mixing granny. The other as English as tea and cricket, but with a passion for green juice and a weakness for gulab jamuns. Friends, mothers, and busy professionals, who love life and travel. We were aware of the benefits of Indian beauty traditions, but we hadn’t found anything that delivered results, suited our lifestyles, or captured our imaginations.

And so, after five years of research and development with British organic chemists, French aromatherapists and Ayurvedic ritual experts, Malavara was born.

Ayurveda hacked

Ayurveda hacked

Many of our products and rituals have their roots in Ayurveda, and there’s no doubt that it delivers amazing results. But it’s also vast, complex and massively time-consuming. So, we figured it’s worth hacking — to get the benefits without the faff.

It’s a bit like turning regular yoga into hot yoga. You get a deeper, faster workout, and you feel the results the very next day. Malavara is similar. Our product + massage combo is based on ancient principles, but it’s working harder and delivering faster due to its ‘hot’ natural ingredients and easy to follow, targeted techniques.

It exists because we don’t have the time they had in India 5,000 years ago. We want results. Yesterday.

Ayurveda hacked
Oil me up

Oil me up, baby

“Oiling” or oil + massage is a key Ayurvedic principle. In India, babies receive daily oil massages from birth, often until three years of age. New mothers get a special massage every day for forty days following childbirth. The Sanskrit word ‘sneha’ means both ‘oil’ and ‘love’.

The herbal oils Ayurveda recommends permeate all seven layers of skin. The massage improves circulation, relaxes the muscles and stimulates the glands under the skin to produce hormones, including serotonin, that calm your mind and help balance your emotions. It also leaves the skin radiantly supple.

The good news is you don’t need to devote hours at an Ayurvedic retreat. Just Malavara, in minutes, in your bathroom.

Smells like home

Smells like home

Indian aromatherapy works with the biochemistry of essential oils. The essence itself – the fragrance – attracts bees and other creatures necessary for pollination and propagation, while repelling predators and killing invading bacteria.

So, when we inhale it we’re inhaling the life force of the plant, while stimulating the endocrine system and hormone production. The effect is immediate. Ayurveda applies aromatherapy to balance the mind and emotions, uplift the senses and reduce stress.

Indian heritage regards the nose to be the gateway to consciousness, and every scent we inhale exerts a direct influence on our mind and emotions. While Pranayama, or breathing yoga, is well-known, Ayurveda considers both how we breathe and what we breathe.

All fragrances have three notes - top, middle and base. Having always wondered where our perfume has gone after about an hour of wearing it, we were determined to create one that had amazing base notes, which are always the longest lasting and least volatile, as they are the last to evaporate from the skin. Base notes give our products depth and richness, citrus top notes are energising, and our middle notes are there to spice things up.